Key Stage 3

Scheme of Work : Year 7

Autumn – Hygiene project

Spring – equipment project

Summer packed lunch project

Food technology safety procedures

Equipment challenge

Questionnaire research

Design biscuit – design and trial

Scone team challenge

Practical – sausage rolls or python rolls

Make biscuit design

Enquiry lesson – safe as houses Safety with equipment

Questionnaire results analysis

Evaluate biscuit design

Cutting tools practical challenge (salad theme)

Practical – fruit cake

Basic food hygiene and quiz – hygiene trail

Equipment comparison research

Design ideas

Fruit drink


Practical - wrapped product

Refrigeration and food storage

Modified equipment design ideas

Final design

Make cold food product

Presentation of design work

Making design

Design snack product



Make snack product

End of unit test

Outdoor cooked meals

Evaluate snack product

Practical TBC

Packed lunches compared to the eatwell plate

End of unit test


End of unit test

Year 8

Autumn –Staple food project 1

Spring - Staple food project 2

Summer – Food choices

Potato product

Flours and their uses (research)

Identifying cultural foods and their origins

Geography of staple foods

Practical sauce dish (gelatinisation)

Starter product

Bread evaluation

Pasta sauce evaluation activity

Questionnaire research – how popular are cultural foods

Making chapattis

Make pasta sauce or salad

Main course product

Pizza first ideas

Pasta facts (research)

Results of questionnaire and analysis

Make soda bread

Pasta modeling (shaping techniques)

Dessert product

Pizza final design

Pasta design

Menu design based on selected culture/theme

Make pizza dough (to freeze)

Make pasta design and test

Drink and or snack product

Flow chart


Plan menu product

Make pizza topping

End of unit test

Make product

Evaluation of work


Evaluation of work

End of unit test


End of unit test

Year 9

Rotation 1 - Biscuit project

Rotation 2

Rotation 3

Commercial biscuit disassembly

See Design Technology

See Graphics

Commercial manufacturing processes (CAM and CAD)
Design brief given

Rubbing in method research – practical

Questionnaire research

Creaming method research – practical

Questionnaire results and analysis

Melting method research - practical

Design specification and first designs

Research practical toppings and coatings

Final design plan

Make final design – biscuit

Make final design – decorations


End of unit test