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In all the Expressive Arts at Moorside, the skills of the Gifted and Able students are utilised as well as celebrated. The effective use of Lead Learners is embedded into the curriculum. For instance, in Physical Education Lead Learners are encouraged to actively lead parts of lessons in order to develop their leadership skills as well as aid other student’s progress. This philosophy also lends itself very well to Art and Music where the more able can help support their peers through practical coaching and in Music, making use of their instrumental skills where appropriate. 

One major way in which the Expressive Arts challenge Gifted and Able students is through extra-curricular clubs as well as representing the School. This environment offers the opportunity for talented students to showcase their talents as well as see them tested by other talented students in the District. For instance, in Physical Education students have an opportunity to represent Moorside for an activity in a District Competition. In Music gifted and able pupils are encouraged to attend the Moorlands Music groups. Gifted and Able students are also encouraged to take ownership over some of the responsibilities of running a School team as well as performing in it PE. Similarly, in Music, students have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills at various events including the Christmas Concert, Spring Soloist evening and on a larger scale at the Expressive Arts evening. This popular annual event allows students to perform and demonstrate their talent in front of residents from the local community and is further supported by an annual art exhibition and other departments demonstrating their own particular skills and attributes. The Art department seeks every opportunity to show case its work and has work featured on a number of websites including that of the Saatchi Gallery. Local and National competitions are also a feature of the departments extra-curricular success. Opportunities to engage with artists are employed where ever possible and at Key Stage four field trips to museums, galleries and places of interest are a feature of course planning. 

All the Expressive Arts subject areas run regular Extra-Curricular clubs to help improve and support all students’ performance and progress. In order to support the ongoing development of the Gifted and Able additional support and teaching is tailored for these students. In Physical Education this revolves around the delivery of the Sports Leaders qualification. Through this, Gifted and Able student’s leadership skills are nurtured with the goal of eventually leading all School Inter-form activities as well as running coaching sessions in a local Primary School. In Art, students have the opportunity to attend an Art club and extension classes are available after school. In Music this is tackled by the use of peripatetic lessons where students are given the opportunity to learn to play an instrument in or out of school hours. 

By providing support and making these opportunities available, all Gifted and Able students in the Expressive Arts at Moorside are given every opportunity to fulfil their potential.


28 JUNE 2017

On 28th June, a group of Art students from years' 9 and 10 went to Unit 12 for a Gifted and Talented Art trip.

Whilst there, students learnt a range of new skills that they can use in their latest Art project. 

Students had to create paper shoes from recycled materials. They had a choice of four different types of shoes to create.

Students then created a shoe box to match the shoes they had created.  The more advanced students created  a more complex design of shoe. “It gave students a chance to experience a different style of Art.” said Mrs Stones.