Director of Teaching and Learning: Ms K Lindsay

Head of Subject: Mr P Milward

Our aim is to provide broad and specialist access to the range of skills the subject provides; such as speaking and listening, teamwork and analysis of social issues. We achieve this in a cross-curricular approach which draws on elements of a range of other subjects in a creative and evaluative way.
We provide students with opportunities to practically study a range of styles of play texts from different time periods. We also offer opportunities for students to devise and create their own drama based on different stimuli. Literacy is treated as important a skill as oracy in the form of written assessments.
As well as helping students to develop confidence and public speaking skills; Drama helps learners to view the real world from different perspectives, and enhance understanding of the way society works. 
The subject of Drama also presents opportunities for the development of well-rounded individuals through an SMSC context, and lends itself to a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Pupil Learning Journey