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Director of Teaching and Learning: Ms K Lindsay

Head of Subject: Mr J Woolliscroft


Our aim is to teach a foreign language to every student in the school so that they speak, read, write and understand the spoken form of that language to the best of their ability.  We intend that in doing so, our students will become confident, independent learners with an interest in the wider context of that language, a respect for people of other origins & an understanding of their cultures.

With the highest expectations for each student, we hope to encourage life skills in language learning & to develop students’ ability to play a full role as European citizens.

In order to meet our aims, the MFL department:

  • Reviews, updates & frequently assesses the Schemes of work to ensure they are challenging & relevant to each pupil.
  • Monitors the progress of pupils regularly using homework & assessments in all 4 language skills.
  • Marks & records pupils work regularly to ensure pupils are aware of the level they are working at & what they need to do to progress further.
  • Provides an atmosphere where lessons are vibrant & varied, with pupils engaged in their learning.
  • Encourages pupils to participate in trips abroad, where they can practice the language they have learned in the classroom.
  • Provides pupils with more awareness & tolerance of other cultures

Pupil Learning Journey