Director of Teaching and Learning: Mrs L Stones

Head of Subject: Mr A Meakin 


  • To promote music as an activity for all pupils
  • To broaden pupils view and understanding of music from the Western World and other cultures
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to express their ideas in creative ways, develop their self-confidence and co-ordination skills
  • To develop pupils appreciation of all types of music, the context in which it was created and its role in today’s society
  • To encourage pupils to become more independent learners and workers, now and for their futures
  • To encourage pupils to be able to work within varying sized groups, taking a lead role at times


Pupils will study Music twice weekly over a 10-week cycle. Within these lessons pupils will explore the voice through enjoyable singing and call and response activities. They will learn about the elements of music and basic theory before developing their keyboard skills. Following this they will dive deep into the world of instrumentation, learning about the orchestra and instruments of pop. They will discover composition through ICT software such as Cubase and Dance eJay by creating their own pop songs. Finally, pupils will pick up a ukulele and learn simple chords and melodies and then join the Brazilian carnival to learn about Samba drumming.
Pupils are given a levelled practical assessment during each mini topic they study. They are then provided with targets to improve their work for the next time they are assessed on the same skill (Composing, Performing or Listening). 

Pupil Learning Journey