Home Curriculum Geography Key Stage 4
Key Stage 4

The course followed is OCR Specification B Geography for Enquiring Minds

Topics covered include :

Natural World

  • Global hazards
  • Changing climate
  • Distinctive landscapes
  • Sustaining ecosystems

People and Society

  • Urban features
  • Dynamic development
  • UK in the 21st Century  

Resource Reliance


There will be three examinaton papers.  One each of Natural World and People and Society.  These will be 1 hour 15 minutes and account for 35% of the final mark.  The third examination is on Geographical skills and accounts for the final 40% of the final mark.

There will be two field trips to two contrasting locations, one for the Natural World and one for People and Society. These will help the pupils to develop the fieldwork skills they will be examined upon in the examinations.  

Key Stage 4

Pupils build on the knowledge, understanding and skills from key stage 2 and progress by applying their prior learning to new locations and concepts. They will also broaden their knowledge by covering a wide range of topics and by going into more depth. This will particularly apply to the case studies such as the Haiti earthquake, Typhoon Haiyan, Lagos, Zambia, sustainable management in Ecuador and Svalbard and to food security in Tanzania. When explaining pupils will be challenged to consider the natural, economic and social environments and local, regional and national scales. 
The pupils will be assessed regularly. All assessments are in the same format as GCSE exam questions and will cover all types the pupils will experience in the three examination papers.