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Director of Teaching and Learning: Mrs N Bell

Head of Subject: Ms C McGeown

Geography at Moorside is all about

 Geography is an ideal subject for developing a full range of skills ;

  • You live in a world – why not find out more about the challenges and opportunities it offers, and how to get involved?

  • Discover how people are using different environments, both your own and those in other parts of the world.

  • Investigate issues of sustainability – will the Earth still be able to provide us with all the resources we take for granted now?

  • How have different landscapes developed – what are the great natural forces involved?

  • What really causes ‘natural disasters’ like floods, earthquakes and volcanoes?  How can people cope with them? 

​Geography is an ideal subject for developing a full range of skills ;

  • You will learn how to research information from a range of sources and present it in a variety of ways, both written and in diagrams.

  • You can get experience of manipulating data, using statistics and ICT software such as databases, spreadsheets and graphic packages.

  • Your fieldwork will help you to develop the skills of organising your own time, and working and co-operating with others.

  • You will also learn to review your own work and progress.

Aims / Objectives

  • To develop pupils knowledge of place.

  • To further their understanding of some of the processes that affect our Earth.

  • To further their understanding of how humans interact with and affect their environment.

  • To develop an understanding of sustainable development.

  • To develop the pupils' ability to pursue their own lines of enquiry and to handle and analyse information.


Pupil Learning Journey