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Moorside High School has had a superbly supported #AntiBullyingDay with most of the school wearing #Oddsocks.  The national initiative aims to raise the profile of bullying and how we can all make small changes to support people who are being bullied or isolated.  The response from the school has been excellent and the number of #Oddsocks on show was amazing.  Staff have also been supporting the initiative and joined in wearing #Oddsocks.

Moorside School is proud to have an #AntiBullyingDay champion in Year 8 student Tyler.  Tyler is in 8MDM and is a strong advocate for making changes when bullying has occurred.  He has set up an anti-bullying group and this is a chance for people to discuss their issues and problems.  We are extremely proud of Tyler and support him in making the change.

 Egg Drop Challenge

The Goal

To teach students how to think creatively and practically to solve a problem.  They should take away practical knowledge to solve a similar problem in the future or develop creative solutions to other problems by using the same logical process. We also hope that the students will walk away as better team players and develop skills that will help them to perform in teams.
The Skills
Students should learn critical thinking and creativity by designing methods to combat the force of gravity. Students should understand that we are dealing in science by emphasizing: in the creation of the “egg carrier”, we are using our own everyday scientific knowledge of gravity to help move something from a higher altitude to a lower altitude.
1. With the provided materials the students must design a way to protect the egg from breaking when it hits the ground, when dropped from the balcony. 
2. The final contraption must allow the egg to be seen and taken out, so that each group has an equal advantage and the judges can see whether the egg has survived or not.
3. The students are only allowed to use the material from the list provided and they cannot just wrap the egg in the plastic sheeting.
5. The students must also stay within the budget allowed.
Mr A Qayyum