Home Curriculum PHSE CHALLENGE DAY (17 JAN 20)

In Challenge Day today, the academic curriculum has been suspended to focus upon vital wider skills and needs.

In Year 7, based on feedback to government from the CBI (Confederation of British Industry), pupils have been developing their employability and enterprise skills.  They have designed, tested, researched, marketed and reviewed products with great success.  Dragon's Den here they come!

Year 8 have been going through the vital career preparation for choosing their GCSE options.  Today, they have looked at the various levels of courses and progression routes, used Unifrog ; a fantastic careers ICT programme that can be used at home too in order to research occupations, look at salaries and skills and develop and offer skills.  Additionally, they have looked at the current employment market in our area and discussed with Mr Morley what's on offer at school.

With Year 9, having begun GCSE's, we have focussed on building revision skills to develop long term memory.  With the new GCSE's having so much content, we are planning to build these skills from the beginning of the course to reduce pupil stress and help them achieve consistently well throughout the three years.

Year 10 have been doing sessions on health.  They have covered vital areas on cancer awareness (Breast and Testicular cancer), as well as looking at the dangers of drugs and road safety awareness.  For the second time this year, Cheddleton First Responders are in school training all pupils on CPR.  By the end of the year all pupils and staff will be trained in this vital skill.

Year 11 have been doing Citizenship today.  In this new decade and time of great political change for Britain, this has been an important day focussing upon the electoral system, roles within parliament and how democracy works.