Equipment List
It is expected that student bring the following equipment / kit to lessons (when appropriate): 

Student Physical Education Equipment List

  • Black with red trim shorts
  • Black with red trim tracksuit bottoms (Optional)
  • Red long sleeve rugby top with Moorside logo (autumn/winter term)
  • Red polo Shirt with Moorside logo (spring/Summer term) 
  • Black ¼ zip jumper with Moorside logo (Optional)
  • Plain Black waterproof. Hooded tops are not permitted
  • Red football socks
  • Shin pads
  • Suitable sports trainers must be worn
  • Suitable football style boots should be worn for activities on grass in autumn / winter
  • Gum shield
Students who represent the school must wear red football socks and black / red trim shorts for all fixtures.

Rules and Fixtures

  • Football boots must be worn for activities on grass, i.e. rugby and football unless the ground is very hard and dry.
  • For activities such as hockey and rugby it is advised that a gum shield is worn.
  • Shin pads must be worn for football and hockey.
  • Any students who are excused from PE will still be expected to bring their full PE kit in order to take some part in the lesson I.e. referee, coach. 
  • A towel and a change of underwear are advised when taking part in activities such as rugby and football, especially when it is wet and muddy.  Plastic bags to put dirty kit into are also a good idea to prevent books and the inside of school bags from getting dirty.
  • Aerosol deodorants will not be allowed as they can be dangerous and harmful to students with asthma.  If students want to apply deodorant it must be in the form of a roll-on stick.
  • Long hair should be tied back. 
  • All jewellery must be removed.
  • All pupils are encouraged to/but not coerced to take a shower. 
  • If a student is to be excused from PE, then a note from the parents should be provided.
  • The chewing of gum or eating is not allowed.
If students forget their kit it is expected that they borrow PE kit from school.