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Key Stage 3

Year 7

Investigating science Acids and alkalis :  chemical reactions, identifying chemical properties, making indicators Energy :  Investigating different forms of energy.  Energy transfers.  Energy from food investigation
Particles I
States of matter
Changes of State
Separating mixtures

Distillation, filtration, chromatography

Looking inside
Cell, tissues, organs and organ systems
Constructing simple circuits measuring voltage and current.
Analysing circuits
The Earth
As well as investigating types of rock, this unit also explores the effects of human activity on the environment 
Measuring forces, effect of forces on objects.
Hooke's Law investigation
Elements and compounds
Chemical reaction and physical changes
Food chains and webs.  Pyramids of number and biomass.

Assessment opportunities – Year 7 Science

All units will have an assessment, these will also include synoptic questions that will assess a pupils understanding of previous work. At appropriate times pupils ‘working scientifically’ skills will be assessed to develop their practical skills, that will be important when they enter key stage four and have to complete required practicals.


More Particles II

Pupils will discover all about diffusion and investigate how the rate of a reaction can be changed.

Light & Sound

As the title suggests, an insight into all things about light and sound

Genetics & Evolution

Where did we come from why are we so much like our parents, it's all in the genes

The Amazing Body
Food tests.  The digestive system, and the roll of enzymes.
Importance and function of the respiratory and circulatory systems.
Chemical Reactions
Pupils will be able to investigate a series of chemical reactions and develop a good understanding about different types of chemical reaction
Electricity & Magnetism
As the title would suggest pupils will invesitage all things electrical and make electromagnets
The Periodic Table

How position on the table allows us to make predictions about reactive 

Using Forces
Pupils will investigate moments, as well as speed / time and distance / time graphs
Chemistry of our Earth Plants
Pupils will learn how rocks were formed and how human activity is changing our atmosphere 
Just how did this marvel come about?    

Pupils will investigate energy in food, sanky diagrams and how much it costs to run appliances