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Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 Science for examination (Y9 - 11)

Pupils will study AQA Separate or combined Science (Trilogy)

B1 Cell Biology C1 Atomic structure and the periodic table P1 Energy
B2 Organisation C2 Bonding, structure and the properties of matter P2 Electricity
B3 Infection and response C3 Quantitative chemistry P3 Particle model of matter
B4 Bioenergetics C4 Chemical change P4 Atomic structure
B5 Homeostasis and response C5 Energy changes P5 Forces
B6 Inheritance, variations and evolution C6 Rate P6 Waves
B7 Ecology C7 Organic chemistry P7 Magnetism and eletromagnetism
  C8 Chemical analysis P8 Space Physics
  C9 Chemistry of the atmosphere  
  C10 Using resources  


During the course of key stage 4 pupils will be assessed during each unit and at the end of each unit. Assessments will use questions that reflect the type and style of questions used by AQA on the terminal examinations.

Terminal examinations

All examinations are now terminal (end of course). 
Triple science AQA (Separate GCSE’s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics) assessment will consist of two papers for each subject weighed 50% each.  Pupils will sit a total of six papers.  Each subject will be awarded a grade 9 to 1. 
Combined science (AQA Trilogy) assessment will consist of two papers for each subject each weighted 16.7%.  Pupils will sit a total of six papers.  The qualification is equivalent to two GCSE's grade from 9-9 to 1-1. 
Pupils in Set 1 will follow the separate science route, other sets will follow the combined science route.