At Moorside, working with members of our local community is very important to us.  We have run very successful Silver Surfer computer sessions over the last six years, and the demand is ever increasing. Teaching the older generation about modern technology keeps them active and can help them to feel more of a part of society.
The Year 9 Citizenship group led the sessions, which covered everything from using email, surfing the web, and using Skype to learning word processing skills, using Google Maps and getting to grips with iPads and tablets.
Mr G Grant
DTL : Humanitites

Quotes from the Silver Surfers:

“Students are very helpful and well mannered”  Jenny F
“Students are very helpful… and now I have more confidence to use the computer”  Maureen M
“I have enjoyed the course and Amy is very patient with me!”  Lynn S
“Sincere thanks for the hard work of the boys and girls in teaching me the mysteries of computers. It is very difficult to teach an old dog new tricks, but they have managed it! It’s been brilliant”  Sam L
“I have enjoyed the course. The students were very good with lots of patience and very kind to us”  Barbara M

Quotes from the pupils:

“I have really enjoyed this. I’ve loved finding out about how different generations view technology and it has been really fun getting to know the ‘Silver Surfers”

“I have found the course quite fun and confidence boosting. It made me speak to people I did not know”

“I found it interesting because I was meeting new people and it was interesting because I found out I enjoyed teaching”