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Rewards are central to the promotion of excellent work and behavior at Moorside High School and contribute to the creation of a positive learning environment by motivating students and recognising success and achievement. 

It is very important for students to feel that there are real rewards for good attendance, positive behavior and academic progress. Reward points are given for genuine achievement; they are applied consistently and fairly for them to be valuable. 

Rewards are recorded systematically so that we are able to monitor and analyse the distribution of rewards given across year groups, departments and specific student groups. This will also allow us to share information about rewards effectively with pupils, parents, governors and staff. Pupils achievements are rewarded weekly by the Head of Year via assemblies and small prizes are awarded with certificates to recognise pupil’s achievements. 

Every half term the top boy and girl in each form group are awarded prizes, along with certificates and gifts to recognise the accomplishments of others. The form groups in each year with the greatest points have a privilege week. 

The end of term assemblies include a prize draw where pupils with the most reward points have an increased chance of winning top prizes. The rewards system originated from the Year Council and the pupils continue to lead on what they would like to be rewarded for and they decide the prizes or privileges for rewarding pupils. Pupil voice is also considered at the end of each half term to continually evaluate the system.

Our Reward system is linked with our school Vision and Values. Each reward achieved by a student is connected to the REACH values. (Respect, Enthusiasm, Achievement, Community and Hard work.) 

The rewards system:

  • Supports the ethos and vision of the school.

  • Promotes good behaviour and a positive attitude to school.

  • Supports the school’s equal opportunities policy by valuing the achievements of all students, recognising the widest range of student success.

  • Supports learning by enabling students to recognise their achievements and the achievements of others.

  • Supports personalised learning through encouraging student engagement and responding flexibly to student achievement.

  • Develops a climate of encouragement, praise and respect for achievement by supporting students to value their own successes and those of others.

  • Motivates students through the celebration of improvements and progress as well as attainment.

  • Is applied consistently and regularly across the school by all staff.