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School Policies

Moorside High School makes every attempt to ensure that information about the school is readily available to parents and other interested parties. In accordance with this aim, it is intended to publish our official policy statements in this section of the website.

Beyond the statutory requirements to publish some of our school policies, the school feels strongly that parents and other stakeholders are able to access and review our key policy documents. If you have any queries or have something you wish further clarification on, then please contact the school main office, or submit your query to the school via email; the contact details for which can be found here.

To ensure that all of our stakeholders are able to gain equal access to our policy documents, most have been made dyslexia friendly - though some are still in the process of being converted. You may find certain key policy documents have an audio version available. Please note that the audio versions require a computer with MP3 audio playback facilities. Large print versions of our policies are available on request.

Please note that some of our policies are not, and will not be, publicly published for legal and/or security reasons (e.g. our policy on Critical Incidents)

School policies are listed below in pdf format. Please select a policy to download.

Should you require a print out of any of the above policies, please contact Mrs Claire Alcock  via e-mail, at office@moorside.staffs.sch.uk.    Many thanks.