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The uniform/appearance policy strengthens ethos and promotes a strong sense of identity across the school community by setting out clear standards of acceptable dress. It is expected that all pupils will come to school every day in clean and correct uniform, giving a message that they take pride in themselves and in belonging to the school.

The support of parents in ensuring a high standard of uniform is essential and so we would encourage all parents to read the following information about our uniform.


The Governors and staff at Moorside High School believe in the importance of a smart and distinctive uniform, worn neatly with a sense of pride and loyalty about the school and themselves. We believe that the uniform is both practical and economical and more importantly, it is an outward sign of commitment to the ethos and values of Moorside High School. The school tie and badge can be obtained from the school office and all the remaining items of the uniform are readily available at our local ‘JFK’, Washerwall Lane, Werrington.

The school uniform consists of:

  • Black skirt/trousers - Trousers must be plain with no embellishment, not jeans, leggings or jeggings. They must not be tight around the ankle. Skirts must be plain, not fashion items and not shorter than 1” above the knee in length. They should not be tight fitting nor made from jersey material. 
  • White long sleeved cotton shirt with top fastening button and long enough to be tucked into skirt or trousers (not polo shirts, T shirts or fashion styles) 
  • Clip on school tie
  • Black blazer with school badge. 
  • A plain grey V-necked pullover may be worn as an additional item.
  • Co-ordinating tights/ankle socks not knee high socks (plain black tights, not patterned)
  • Sensible plain black waterproof shoes (trainers, logos platform shoes, canvas pumps, ballet shoes or high heeled shoes are not acceptable and the latter would be a health and safety hazard on busy stairways). 


PE Kit

  • Hockey/football boots 
  • Training shoes
  • Black tracksuit bottoms with red trim
  • Red rugby shirt black trim and school badge (girls & boys)
  • Red polo shirt black trim and school badge (girls & boys)
  • Black shorts with red trim (girls & boys)
  • Black fleece lined ¾ zip jacket (optional)
  • ​​Red socks 
  • Gum Shields & Shin Pads are compulsory  

Other Uniform Rules

  • Hairstyles must be plain and practical for school. No extremes of fashion including steps, lines, shaved styles, elaborate braiding, non-natural hair colouring or streaking. The Governors expect the Headteacher to be the arbiter of what constitutes an extreme of fashion
  • No jewellery including earrings should be worn to school (except a wrist watch).  The school takes no responsibility for any jewellery items brought in by pupils
  • Outdoor clothing must not be worn inside the school
  • Football scarves or other fashion items denoting membership of gangs or groups must not be worn.
  • Uniform should be worn correctly (i.e. clip on ties and shirts tucked in).
  • No nail varnish, false nails, eyelashes or make-up should be worn

School Equipment 

We expect All pupils to be equipped with the following items, to ensure that they can access the full range of our curriculum:  

  • Pen 
  • Spare Pen 
  • Green Pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Notebook
  • Calculator 

Checks will be made regularly by Form Tutors and Heads of Key Stage.

Uniform should be worn correctly (i.e. ties worn correctly and shirts tucked in).

(November 21)