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Year 6 Transition Evening (2021)

Unfortunately we have not been able to welcome you to our school to meet and discuss the next steps in your child's education. For your son/daughter, meeting his/her form teacher, as well as the other students, many of whom they may have never met before, is an important first step.  We look forward to meeting you all, in person, on Thursday 2nd September, but we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to put some names to some of the faces, particularly for the students, and for parents, as well as an opportunity to ask questions and clear up any misconceptions or areas where what we have asked for is not clear.

Though not quite as good as a real-life tour, we hope that you spend some time wandering around our school via our Virtual 3D tour.



In the past few days you should have recieved an email from Mr. D Phillips, outlining the programme of events and, more importantly, a password so that you can join a Zoom meeting with your child's form tutor. In the email we sent out, we have included the name of the form-tutor and the form name (a copy of the meeting codes can be found below).  Also attached to the email was a copy of our Y6 Transition Booklet, please find an UPDATED copy (click on the image below) - now with all of our staff's photos, so your child can familiarise themselves with their new teachers.

If you have not received an email, please check your junk folder, however, if you are still unable to find it, please do not hesitate to email Mr. D Phillips (via dphillips@moorside.staffs.sch.uk), who will gladly send you a copy of the relevant email.  This email is important as the email also contains the unique password, which is NOT displayed on our website.

Welcome Message and Information from Mr. S Clarke (Headteacher)

Next Steps

There are quite a lot of forms that need to be completed ahead of September, all of which are now completed electronically / online.  In the email we sent you, we also included a link to the student information forms.  Just in case you lose the email, the link can also be found below (please click on the icon below - please note that a new page will open). 

If you have any questions about the forms, please contact Mr. D Phillips or Mr. J Lloyd (technical issues) and they will be happy to help.


Form Tutor Presentations

The form tutor presentations will begin at 7pm. We strongly encourage you to turn on the video camera so that the students can see one another, but leave your microphones off unless you are asking a question - so that background noises do not present a distraction and make it difficult for others to hear what is being said. 

We are using the Zoom platform for our form-tutor meetings. To download the software / app please click here.