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Parents are welcome to make appointments with Mr Gordon between 9.00 am and 3.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

For general careers advice, please see list of websites in Pupils section.

Parents may find the following weblinks useful ;                                                             

A Guide For Parents: Steering your teenager into a job and career. Alternatively, request by email: parentsguide@win-that-job.com.  This free 12 page guide provides simple and straight-forward advice from careers professionals.

The Careers Writers Association is a resource for all those interested in encouraging and promoting accuracy, clarity, impartiality, creativity and integrity in careers information.

Careers Advice for UK parents, young people, school leavers, A Level students, teenagers. Independent, informative & accurate.


Local Market Information (LMI)

Finding out which careers are going to be in demand in the future is always good practice. This website allows you to choose an occupation and find out the weekly pay and unemployment figures in each region. You can also see predictions for each occupation in the future based on the number of people required and the year.