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This part of the website is designed to help our pupils with their studies.

Keeping Safe with your Mobile Phone

Being careful with your mobile phone and taking some simple precautions can reduce the risk of you becoming a victim of crime. 

Click here for some simple steps to help keep you and your mobile safe. 

Accessing Work and E-mails from Home

Access to E-mails from home   

Click on the link below to log onto your school email:


Your email address (to log on) is your username with @moorside.staffs.sch.uk added to the end.  The password is the same as the one you use to log into the computers at school.

e.g. Sam Corbett in Year 7 (samcor23) would log in with:  samcor23@moorside.staffs.sch.uk


Access to work from home 

Students can gain remote access to the school’s computer system from home to access their own personal files and school resources.  Access to the computer system is subject to the same rules that apply in school and is closely monitored. Any violations of the Students Acceptable use Policy will result in the permanent removal of Remote Access Rights.

The computer used for remote access must have anti-virus software installed that it is fully up-to-date and a valid licence for Microsoft Office

Remote access will be granted on the completion of the Remote Access User Agreement (see below) ; 

How to access terminal server

Click here for access to Terminal Server Access. 

Click here to download instructions :  Terminal Server Instructions for Students.pdf