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KS4 Option Choices

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

In Key stage 4 pupils are split into two bands for Core subjects and these subjects then set within the band. There are six sets for English, Maths, Science, ICT, Citizenship/RE and PE.  Option blocks are organised so that we can, whenever possible, create sets for optional subjects. There are six groups in each option block.

Since September 2004 the curriculum has been divided into a Statutory Curriculum and an Entitlement Curriculum.

The Entitlement Areas

Provision has to be made to allow pupils to opt for a minimum of one course from each of Arts subjects, DT subjects, Humanities and MFL. 

Increasing the flexibility of choice at Key Stage 4 means that some market research is necessary and several models for option pools are floated to see which has the best fit with pupil choices.

Pupils who opt to undertake Engineering, Health and Beauty or construction courses must attend Leek college on Thursday in year 11 and Wednesday in Year 10 which means Option blocks linked with Leek College must be timetabled during these sessions. There are presently twelve pupils in Year 11 studying these courses and four in Year 10.