In this section, you will find career resources kindly provided by Unifrog and Higher Horizons+. Unifrog is a careers website/platform, which many of the students are aware of BUT not all have accessed it yet. Parents/Guardians/Carers can also access Unifrog. The full details of how to register are on the power point below. If a student has already registered, they log in using their school email address and the password they used to set it up. There is a ‘forgotten password’ option. If a student registered using their personal email (which they were asked not to), they may have to let Mr Gordon know (  He will be able to delete their account so they can start again with their school email address. Full details about school email addresses are on the power point.
What is Unifrog and how to register
Y7 Session 1 - personality quiz
Y7 Session 2 - Career terminology
Y8 Session 1 - GCSEs - Choices, choices
Y8 Session 2 - Identifying interests
Y9 Session 1 - Careers library treasure hunt
Y9 Session 2 - Careers and Skills
Y9 Session 3 - Talking about your Activities
Y9 Session 4 - Goal setting
Y10 Session 1 - CV's Card Sort
Y10 Session 2 - Researching possible work experience placements
Y10 Session 3 - Introduction to Apprenticeships
Y11 - Session 1 - Finding the right apprenticeship
Y11 - Session 2 - Geeking out
Y11 - Free Open University Courses
It's Your Choice
My Student Journey
Parents Guide to University 2020
Aimhigher advice for Years 7 to 11 working at home
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Y11 - Free Open University Courses