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Helpful Resources
Maths and English
The website below is designed for up to age 11- It is aimed at primary school pupils but the maths section is particularly good if you look at age 10-11/year 6. It explains how parents can help with various topics and might be useful to those pupils who struggle. There are some nice games too like fractions skittles that might be a nice break.  Additionally there is a free e-reader library with a big selection of books for a variety of abilities
This is normally fee paying but is free from now. It’s created by Carol Voderman- you can set up an online account and set security controls and then you can monitor your child’s progress. It is aimed at pupils from 4-12
The Maths website below is great for all ages up to GCSE. It includes videos where a teacher talks through methodology, then practice questions followed by text book activities to consolidate the learning
All Subjects
The obvious and the best for all subjects, in all age groups. This covers all aspects of the curriculum and has interactive videos and knowledge quizzes but is a great place to start to clarify understanding if pupils are struggling
All museums and art galleries are obviously closed but many have put virtual tours on line. If you follow the link below you can tour the world and this would be particularly good for art students doing artists’ research or taking inspiration for their own pieces. It also includes the Imperial War museum and that of Anne Frank
The Physics Institute has put the following together to help clarify key concepts
Below is a link to the best 11 science websites based on a variety of ages ranges
You can also find videos led by teachers of all of the AQA required science practicals on Youtube
This has lots of online resources largely centred around English, a free online library to download thousands of books including the classics and audio versions. Perhaps an ideal time to get back to reading, which is shown to have significant impact on progress in all subjects.  There are KS3 and KS4 sections too
British Library have made all resources accessible- these cover subjects like History, English, Citizenship, RE and Music and are arranged in age groups for accessibility
Useful PE resources
This has specific free revision material for the current Y10’s, such as 5 a day exam revision questions which can be used to highlight any gaps in student’s knowledge.  Also retrieval revision sheets.
Also Joe Wicks is doing a daily session at 9 am on Youtube to keep pupils active
This is for KS4 studying Medicine through Time
This is for the American West
However GCSE Bitesize will cover all topics in all year groups
For all periods of history the following are really useful;